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About Us

About Us

We know all about beauty!

For several years, we supply to the market the highest aesthetic quality equipment. Professionals who depend on the effectiveness of the treatments, the latest technology and modern design trust us. We operate not only in Poland but also beyond the borders of our country. Join the satisfied users of devices by Medika!

Medika brand is a professional appliances dedicated cosmetology and aesthetic medicine.

Production of Polish high-quality devices caused our dynamic development. High-quality components,which we use in our production are the most important aspect. Corian® and unique design are our hallmarks.

About Us


Medika Poland

Appearance does not have to be an obstacle, not in these times when we have acces to knowledge and equipment which are able to help to recover what we’ve lost.

Medika is not only the latest in technology devices. The beauty of their workmanship and professionalism is appreciated among customers all over the world. Above all, there’s a reliablle and emphatic approach to man consulted with doctors and scientists quality, which together with highly trained personnel raise the qualities of aesthetic medicine much higher.

Our company exists to help people. Life is unpredictable but it should never be a struggle, lasting and discomfort.To live fully you can take care of a good frame of mind, the joyful, smile, confidence and persistence in the sense thet you’re in the right place and the right time.

It’s not about looks and beauty… It’s about You.


Get to know us closer.

Medika is above all good team.

Łukasz Chabros
Natalia Skrobich
Business Development Manager
Jarosław Rodzeń
PhD Aesthetic Medicine Specialist
Aleksandra Świędrych
Customer Service


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