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Carboxytherapy Medika

The device as one of the few has an extraordinary case of antibacterial Corian®, whose appearance has been designed exclusively for our devices.

Jedno rozwiązanie - wiele zastosowań

One solution – many uses:

  • Cellulite and body fat reduction
  • Stretch marks and scars Reduction
  • Revitalization of the skin
  • Wrinkles reduction
  • Stimulation of hair growth
  • Aesthetic gynecology

TREATMENT PROGRAMS (Skin on the head)

Przesuń w lewo
Przesuń w lewo
  • Łuszczyca
  • Łysienie
  • Nadmierne wypadanie włosów
    Nadmierne wypadanie włosów
  • Po mezoterapii
    Po mezoterapii


Przesuń w lewo
Przesuń w lewo
  • Okolice oczu
    Okolice oczu
  • Twarz
  • Dekolt i szyja
    Dekolt i szyja


Przesuń w lewo
Przesuń w lewo
  • Wiotkość skóry
    Wiotkość skóry
  • Cellulit, tkanka tłuszczowa
    Cellulit, tkanka tłuszczowa
  • Rozstępy łuszczyca
    Rozstępy łuszczyca


Detailed Description

Carboxytherapy Medika has been designed mainly for woman because within a few treatments can deal with troublesome cellulite, fat and stretch marks. Medika device is designed and manufactured entirely in Poland, with the highest quality Polish and Japanese components, which guarantees the reliable quality of the device. Elements for high-class device like hoses, filters and needles are disposable and replaceable, so as to maintain the maximum level of protection for the patient. In addition, Carboxytherapy Medika, as only one has an extraordinary casing made from antibacterial Corian material, which appearance has been designed exclusively for our devices


Learn about the advantages for you and your beauty clinic

Certified, medical, maintenance-free CO2 reducer

The processor that continuously controls the operating pressure of the gas

Certified medical gas CO2 „Laparos”

The automatic control system of the gas flow

The bonding treatment at the same time

The possibility of the procedure PRP (injecting the platelet concentrate)

Gas temperature control range from 20 ° C to 50 ° C

100% protection against accidental administration of oxygen



The device includes an innovative system of gas heating

The system which controls gas temperature

Vent system

The counter of carbon dioxide given in one session

The use of antibacterial hydrophobic filters

Elegant casing made of antibacterial material Corian®

Implemented indicator of gas consumption

Manual mode – an additional option available only for doctors

Touch panel control (Intuitive menu in your native language)

Cosmetic Mode (22 ready-treatment programs)

Gynecological head VR (Vaginal Rejuvenation)

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