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Laser 808


Laser 808

Laser diode 808 nm, to a device that no problems will cope with the unwanted hairs. SIMPLE interface will guide you through the Gender and Body Parts Patient after What you set for the preferential treatment of the ready-made programs arbitrariness precision. In addition, you do not have to worry anymore about the exchange of water, because the laser equipped with a maintenance-free cooling system IS.

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  • Effective removal of unwanted body hair


Laser 808


Long-term effects guaranteed

Ready treatment programs with the possibility of adjusting

Maintenance-free cooling system

Automatic control system: * coolant level * coolant circuit * power of the emitter

The device temperature control

Large touch screen (intuitive menu in your native language)

Casing of Corian®

Modern design


The automatic control system of coolant level

The automatic control system of coolant circuit

The automatic control system for the power of the emitter

Automatic cooling system

Cooling system (0 ~ 4 ° C), comfortable, reduces feelings of the treatment)

The large size of the head (12 × 12 mm allows the execution procedures in a quick and convenient way, also on larger areas of the body)

Laser 808
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