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Lipolaser Duo


Lipolaser DUO

The innovative combination of laser wavelength of 650 nm with an infrared length of 940 nm create natural channels biostimulation. Under the influence of the laser radiation, it comes to chemical reaction that causes the dissolution of the triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol, which are transferred to the lymphatic system and then metabolized (removed naturally from the body).

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  • Intense fat reduction
  • Slimming, cellulite reduction
  • Unblocks lymph flow channel
  • Stimulates the metabolic functions of the body



A simple interface allows to set gender, area of treatment and parameters. For each selected location of the treatment are selected examples of parameters that can be freely corrected. The laser beam is supported by infrared beam type A, which enhances treatment effect.
Lipolaser Duo
Lipolaser Duo


Ready programs treatment divided into various parts of the body

6 pads, strips and treatment sunglasses

Innovative combination of two waves: the laser beam and infrared rays

Big touch screen and intuitive menu in your native language

Casing from Corian® material

Modern design

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