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Plasma Jet Medika


Plasma Jet Medika

The effect of plasma for a long time been used to sterilize medical equipment, but use of plasma technology at a temperature below 40 ° C made it possible to extend the functionality of the plasma in the area of living tissues. Plasma Jet is an innovative device bactericidal, which heal chronic wounds, whiten teeth, and professional sterilize surgical instruments.

Jedno rozwiązanie - wiele zastosowań

One solution – many uses:

  • Treatment of skin diseases
  • Help in the treatment of chronic wounds
  • Restructuring tissue
  • Hygiene Hospital
  • Teeth Whitening
Plasma Jet Medika


The use of a plasma at a temperature below 40 ° C

The innovative use of argon powered plasma

Versatile applications


Elegant design with Corian®

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